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Tooth Fairy Bronze
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Tooth Fairy Bronze Available
Tooth Fairy Bronze

In a blink of an eye the artist proofs were sold out! However, the limited edition is now available.

The Tooth Fairy is truly a remarkable creation by the artist. The fairy is actually emerging from a tube of tooth paste and is inserting a coin under the child's pillow. The sleeping child seems to be suspended in air. The patinas are most interesting with shades of green, mauve, white, yellow and brown.

Based upon our research this is the only Tooth Fairy ever produced in bronze, another first for the Ronadro collection. This sculpture will become a family heirloom and will certainly appreciate in value as the years go by.

The sculpture is mounted on a turntable black walnut base topped with verde marble.

Medium: Bronze
Weight: 20 lbs.
Size: 13" w x 7" d x 18.5" h

Artist's Proofs: 25
Limited Edition: 150


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