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Critical Beat
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Critical Beat Available
Critical Beat

Three and half times life size, this beautiful hand patined heart actually shows the surgeon, operating room and patient inside of the heart. One must see the patina in order to appreciate its bold and magnificent beauty. The heart is in a glorious deep red with airbrush applied shadows in black and the veins are gingerly highlighted to make this sculpture unique. Openings into the heart are in high polished bronze, the surgeon is in typical blue/green scrubs, while the operating room light and patient are done in a warm brown/bronze. The base consists of a stethoscope which reaches up and touches the heart...hence, "Critical Beat".

Medium: Bronze
Weight: 20 lbs.
Size: 8" w x 8" d x 16" h

Artist's Proofs: 20
Limited Edition: TBA


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1-800-237-1868 to order.

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