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St. Apollonia Bronze
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St. Apollonia Bronze Available
St. Apollonia Bronze

The daughter of a prominent magistrate in Alexandria, Apollonia had been arrested and offered a choice of renouncing Christianity and professing faith in pagan beliefs or be burned at the stake. When she refused to recant, a mob seized Apollonia and broke her teeth and threatened to burn her alive. Recognizing that death was near, Apollonia asked to be untied so she might kneel and say her prayers. Legend has it , as she was being consumed by the fire, she called out to those who suffered from toothache and invoked her name would be relieved of the suffering. She was canonized a saint in the year 249 and her feast day is February 9th. After careful research, the sculptor placed forceps in her right hand holding a gold tooth. A bible and feather of peace is being coveted in her left hand. A beautiful gold halo over her head reflects her Sainthood. She is standing on a pyre of logs which will be lit by pagans. The Saint is meticulously patined in many bright shades which properly reflect the different stones adorned in her gown.

Medium: Bronze

Artist's Proofs: 15
Limited Edition: 75


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