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Dentistry 1870 Print
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Dentistry 1870 Print Available
Dentistry 1870 Print

A heirloom lead sketched drawing by Ronadro', "Dentistry 1870" shows a youngster who didn't know he was sitting in a Archer Swan Chair.(Note the arms are shaped like a swan's neck). The dentist was using a foot treadle drill which revolutionized the practice of dentistry in the 1870's. It was the first time a dentist could deliver sufficient speed to a bur so that it could cut smoothly through enamel and dentine. Notice the cuspidor which had to be cleaned by hand. The second in a series of six historical prints is printed on acid free paper which will last 300 years.

Medium: Acid free paper
Size: 23" w x " d x 24.5" h

Artist's Proofs: 50
Limited Edition: 950


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