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Dentistry Past

This is one of the artists' favorite sculptures. It takes us back to the 1870's. No central heating and air conditioning, just the wonderful old black "pot belly" stove to keep warm by.

It was even a favorite spot for the dentist's pets. (Notice the cat fast asleep by the stove while the dog keeps and eye on what is going on!)

It was 1870 when the first foot pedal drill was invented. A fancy one with wood trim is shown in Dentistry Past. The dentist has one of the most popular chairs of the time, an Archer swan chair. You will see the swans' head carved into the arm rests.

The dentist and patient are in clothing of the period.

The sculpture is patinaed in tones of black, brown, gray and green.

Medium: Bronze

Artist's Proofs: 20
Limited Edition: 90


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