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Thoracic Surgeon
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Thoracic Surgeon Available
Thoracic Surgeon

The sculptor over the last couple of years has had many requests from Thoracic surgeons to create a sculpture reflecting the heart and lungs. After considerable thought and many sleepless nights, the artist has now created a very special bronze for this dedicated group of surgeons.

A total of four elements were used in Thoracic Surgeon: the heart, lungs, surgeon and the environment. The heart and lungs are finished in a beautiful deep red patina and is attached to the quasi-contemporary environment. The environment is completed with a special blue marble patina, a patina which must be seen and when seen one would believe it be marble. Mounted in front of the environment and on a verde marble base the sculptor added the surgeon with hands upheld in the scrubbed position. The surgeon is finished in a blue/green patina.

Thoracic Surgeon is without doubt one of Ronadr´┐Ż's finest accomplishments A masterpiece which can only be found in the finest museums of the world.

Medium: Bronze
Weight: 29 lbs.
Size: 13.5" w x 9" d x 23.2" h

Artist's Proofs: 20
Limited Edition: TBA


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