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Ortho Tree 1741
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Ortho Tree 1741 Available
Ortho Tree 1741

Ronadro' has produced a solid bronze relief reflecting the likeness of the original tree which was taken from Nicholas Andre', L'Orthopedic (1741). This magnificent bronze relief may either be hung or bolted to interior or exterior surface. The colors are done with acid to give the look of the tree against the deep blue sky. The "Orthopaedic Tree 1741" is a must collectible for every orthopaedic surgeon. This will become the focal point of your medical office.

Medium: Bronze
Weight: 67 lbs.
Size: 21.5" w x 1.75" d x 27.5" h

Artist's Proofs: 25
Limited Edition: 50


For fastest service, call toll-free
1-800-237-1868 to order.

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