I am so sorry for your loss. And my loss too. It was always such a pleasure to see you both at the various conventions over the years. Since I just recently spoke with you and purchased “Surgery’s End III” (Stainless Steel), I had just recently told my staff the story of how at the ADA in Miami, Florida in 1986, at my first dental convention that I met you and Ronadro. I was quite early to the exhibits, and your booth was the very first one I visited that morning! To my surprise, I, who am not a big art collector, was totally impressed and enamored with the work of young Ronadró. So much so, even though I was just starting my career, I immediately purchased “First Visit,” the little blonde girl hugging her cabbage patch doll while her dentist was beginning his exam. And thus it came to pass that I became the very first Ronadro’patron!

Over the years, my Ronadró collection grew, as did our visits at each trade show! Always chatting, catching up, getting a photo, then hurrying on our separate ways! Always a very special place in my heart for the “Art and the Artist” (and his bride)

My last piece, just recently arrived in February, 2012 culminating my collection, along with Ronadró’s amazing career. I have even bought pieces for other professionals as gifts. Truly, his rare talent in so many three-dimensional mediums will be missed. Truly an inspiration. Thank you and Ronadró for being such an important part of my professional life. I will continue to admire and smile throughout the rest of my career (30 years in June) as his many pieces adorn both of my offices.

My son, Adam, will be the recipients of Ronadró’s work one day! I am sure he will appreciate the love and craftsmanship! His spirit and memories shall live forever here in Tampa, Florida!

Thank you and God bless,

Randy Feldman, DDS, MS, Tampa, FL


Ronadró will be deeply missed. I will continue to cherish all his beautiful art work. My prayers and thoughts will be with you in this difficult time. I hope to continue to see you at the meetings. I am a true Ronadró lover … the art and the artist.

Jana H., Dallas, TX


Deep under a pile of junk on my desk, I found the announcement of Ronadro’s passing. I just wanted you to know that I will truly miss spending a few minutes at the conventions talking to him, feeling his passion for his art and his warmth as a great human being. I always checked the bulletin at every meeting to see if he was there and to make sure I stopped by, sometimes more than once. His porcelains are my treasure. Since my office was flooded out in hurricane Irene in August of last year and never restored, I have displayed some of my special pieces at home so my friends could share them. I will always treasure these pieces and his memory. I hope you are well and hope to see you at a future dental meeting.

Jerry S., Fairfield, NJ


I was so saddened by the news of Ronadró’s passing. My heart slowed down as I read the letter. I have enjoyed my sculptures every day and they have inspired me to practice my craft with the highest levels of excellence. So few of us get to inspire so many, Ronadró had that creative ability. I will miss him. He was an incredibly gifted artist and I feel very lucky to have spent time with you both over the years.

Michael K., Whitehall, PA


Alan & I were so sorry to hear of Ronadró’s passing. We always enjoyed seeing you both at the dental shows and I think of him often as I walk around our home and admire the many art pieces that we own. It was always a pleasure talking to you on the phone. We hope the wonderful memories you have of your life together will help you in the coming days. Hopefully we will see you at one of the dental meetings in the future.

Sharon & Alan N., Pittsford, NY


I just received notice of Ronadró’s passing. I am deeply saddened. Whenever I attended a dental meeting, I always took time to stop by and say hello. In addition to his vision and skill, he was a delight to converse with and I always looked forward to seeing him. Please accept my sincere condolences. It is quite a tribute to his memory to know that he will live through his art in so many homes and offices. May he rest in peace.

Howard L., New York City, NY


I can’t express how awful I feel after receiving my mail and seeing that Ronadró had passed away. I feel like I have known both of you forever and even though I only see you once or twice a year, I have always felt close to both of you and grieve over your loss. He was a great man. My prayers and thoughts are with you and I will cherish my pieces that I have gotten.

Pat C., Rosemont, IL


We were saddened deeply by the untimely passing away of Ronadró. My and husband and I are sending our deepest condolences to you. He is not with us personally, but his spirit and artistic legacy lives forever. I have quite a few of his beautiful art in my office that reminds me of him every day.

Esperanza & Geqi G., Addison, IL


We were truly saddened to hear of Ron’s passing. He was a nice man and a gifted artist and we always looked forward to seeing you both at the meetings. We hope to see you at a future meeting.

Jerry & Marilyn G., Woodland Hills, CA


We’ve just received the news about the passing of your husband. He was such a great artist and his legacy will continue on thru his work. We have a curio in our office to show case the porcelain collection and received many compliments over the years. May peace be with you.

Lloyd & Monica L., Draper, UT


You are in our thoughts and prayers. Through your efforts, many will enjoy Ronadró’s artistry for generations to come. He was a terrific guy and we will remember him fondly and miss him sadly.

Jon, Janet & Jeff S., Exton, PA


We are saddened to learn of such a great loss. But we rejoice knowing his spirit & talent will live on forever. You and Ronadró will continue to be a part of our lives.

Byron & Patrice B., Las Vegas, NV


There are no words to adequate express our feelings and our shock at the news of Ronadró’s passing. It was our privilege to have known such a fine man and such an impassioned artist. Rarely does such an enormous talent walk among us. What strikes us most is that Ron was a wonderfully good and kind person as well. You were both a steadfast part of our lives and such a beautiful couple.

Bill & Lee D., Elmhurst, IL


I am deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Ronadró. He was a master at his profession in so many ways. At all the dental meetings when I had the opportunity to stop and chat, he always had the warm smile and thank you which was always appreciated. You two always complimented each other so very well. Dentistry shall miss him for what he has done for the profession. May the Good Lord grant him eternal peace and everlasting joy.

Stephen K., West Homestead, PA


I just received the beautiful letter about Ronadró’s passing. I met him years ago at a convention and truly enjoyed his passion for his art and his joyous personality. I love our Tooth Fairy sculptures. Dentistry has lost a true friend.

Patricia C., Middletown, CT


We were so shocked and saddened to hear the news. Dental meetings will not be the same. I always looked forward to our time and dinner together. We will miss Ron so much. We always had so much to to talk about. I am sorry and I feel very sad beause we have lost a friend.

Sharon W., Clay Center, NE.


We were so sad to learn of Ronadro’s passing. We will forever keep Ron’s memory alive with the wonderful sculptures he created.

Paul & Janet C., Williamsburg, VA


First please let me say that I am very saddened to learn of Ronadró s passing and your sad personal loss. Please accept my sincerest condolences and my thoughts are with you.

It seems like just a few years ago that we first met and I purchased my cherished Dentistry 88. I have been retired for 4 years now and my Ronadró Collection is in my favorite place at home.

P H., Australia


We were so sorry to hear about the death of your husband. We always looked forward to seeing both of you at the meetings. We have “Meditation Moment” and “Loves Moment”. They both mean a great deal to both of us.

We have missed seeing and catching up with both of you. You made us feel like special friends as I can see that you did to many, many other admirers of Ronadro s remarkable work.

Suzi & Gerald G., Brookfield, WA


We were saddened to hear of the loss of Ronadró. Our hearts break thinking of your sorrow. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. Ronadró gave beauty and new name with his art and we are fortunate to have several pieces.

Dean & Kathy J., Orlando, FL


I just received the notice of Ronadró’s passing. It was always the highlight at the meetings to stop and chat with you and Ronadró for the few minutes I spent at the booth, Ronadró truly made me feel that I was his best friend. His gift was a deep love of people. While we talked, he felt like my best friend. I’ll miss him when I visit your booth.

Rick R., CT


I am very sad about the news from your web-site and also want to give you my condolences in my language. (Allah Rahmet Eylesin). I am glad to have two of his sculptures. They are so meaningful for me.

Mehmet. B., Ankara, Turkey


Just wanted you to know that we continue to remember you in our thoughts and prayers at the passing of Ronadró. He was a special person. We ask for God’s grace and love to surround and sustain you in the days to come.

Gary A., Plainfield, TX


We are so sorry for your loss. One of the highlights of the meetings I attend was getting to see you and Ron. His art and personality has touched many lives including ours every time we look at the sculptures.

Jerry O., Bloomington, IL


It was with a great sense of loss when Lynn and I received the notice of the passing of Ronadró. We wanted to let you know that you have our greatest sympathy and our hearts are truly saddened.

We are honored to have three of his pieces grace our office in Staten Island, NY. Rest assured that his spirit will live on in our office and in many dental and medical practices around creations. Our sincere thoughts and prayers are with you.

Lynn & Louis C., Staten Island, NY


We will miss his presence at meetings but will enjoy his work for many years. We feel lucky to have known him.

Drs. Fred and Melanie M., Mobile, AL


I am sorry to hear of the passing of your husband. I have in my possession several of his pieces of art and I enjoy them very much. My ultimate goal is, after I retire, to give them to my children. I have enjoyed meeting you and your husband at NASS. Again, my sincere feelings go out to you.

Randall D., Austin, TX


We are deeply saddened by the news of Ronadró. Ron was a very special person and was passionate about his work and we love him for that. His work is certainly a legacy that will last for many many years to come. I do not exaggerate when saying that every day a patient comments on how beautiful his sculptures are. Ron will be missed and you are certainly in our thoughts.

Chris C., Hattiesburg, MS


We bought several pieces from you and one your husband created just for us. Dr. Donald and I are very sorry to hear about his passing. I was very fortunate to have the pleasure of meeting him and spending some time with him. All of us at the Spine Group send our deepest sympathy.

Joanne T., Eatontown, NJ


I live in New York and have had the total pleasure of spending time with you and Ronadró at the meetings. I am a collector of many of the wonderful pieces of art work over the past many years. They brighten my house and bring joy to all who enter and are able to view them.

It was with great sadness that I received your letter in the mail of the passing of this kind, special and talented person. I feel honored to have been in his life and know that the pieces I own will always have a very special place in my heart.

Ed F., New York City, NY