NADIA International, Inc., a Texas Corporation, is the exclusive international distributor for the Ronadró Collection of dental sculptures and porcelain figurines. Diron Enterprises, Inc., a Texas Corporation is the exclusive international distributor for the Ronadró Collection of medical sculptures. Primarily marketed at medical and dental meetings, NADIA International/Diron Enterprises has sold sculptures to more than 7,900 collectors in 80 countries since 1986. Watch Diane’s interview with Dr. Eugene Antenucci, Journey of a Thousand Smiles.

Contact us at 1-800-237-1868.

“The Vision that inspires the Ronadró Collection is to celebrate the incalculable contribution of the medical and dental professions through the beauty of art. Since the Company’s inception, we have stayed true to this Vision through two grounding principles. Firstly, ensure our bronze sculptures are always of the finest museum quality. Secondly, build lifetime relationships with our collectors through business integrity and service excellence.

35 remarkable years later the powerful combination of the artist’s Vision and our business principles has built a Ronadró family of over 7900 collectors in 80 countries.


We truly value this family and look forward to welcoming new members to its ranks. Together we keep the Ronadró legacy alive.”


Diane G. Wicks
Co-Founder and President


Ronadró had a dream of creating beautiful art representing the dental and medical professions. The photograph on the right is our first exhibition in 1986 at the American Dental Association Meeting.

Exhibiting was a new venture for Ronadró as he hand-carried his first porcelain figurine entitled “First Visit” to the convention in Miami. The artist and his figurine were the topics of conversation for the next four days. After much success and many orders taken, the dream became a reality and the rest is history.

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