The Ronadró Collection offers fine medical and dental bronze sculptures and porcelain figurines crafted by the master artist, Ronadró. Each bronze sculpture is created entirely by hand and finished with an acid patina. The special patina process gives each sculpture a warm glow finish. Surgeons, dentists and other collectors have made Ronadró’s sculptures and figurines highly prized and in demand in the medical/dental art world.

Deep inside everyone’s soul there rests a mark of distinction — an imprint of talent, a gift. It is very small in the beginning, a small stain which bears its mark on one’s soul. Some of us for one reason or another deny it — never heeding the soft voice that calls us deep within … and then there are the others.


The physicians, the writers, the craftsmen, the creators. For them, this voice is a calling, a cadence of whispers that invariably guide them to recognize a passion so strong that they become slaves to its longing. Such was the case with the world-renowned artist/sculptor Ronadró.


Within the span of almost three decades, Ronadró created some of the most important sculptures in this century — sculptures so rich and majestic that they have been housed in some of the world’s most famous museums, including the Smithsonian Institute, the National Museum of Dentistry, the John B. Harris Museum and many universities throughout the world.


Ronadró’s works of art can be found in thousands of homes and offices around the world, from Australia and Malaysia to South Africa and North America — over 80 countries. His works have touched many far and wide.


It is because of the versatile mediums which Ronadró worked with — quality bronzes and porcelains that have vaulted him to the forefront as one of the world’s most renowned sculptors, and the only artist/sculptor specializing in the field of medical and dental art.


Within the numbers of many faithful and appreciative collectors throughout the world who seek out his creations, it is no wonder Ronadró’s works of fine art are known internationally.


“Everyone has been given his or her special talents,” said Ronadró. “What they do with that talent tells a story. The only credit a person can take is what he decides to do with that talent, and how he works to develop it.”


Ronadró resided on three beautiful acres in the Texas Hill Country, twenty miles west of the capitol building in Austin.


His wife Diane continues to display his works of fine art at the various medical and dental conventions throughout the country.



Lucas It is not easy to make an analysis about the work of a colleague without having some way a nonpartisan vision of his work. The purpose of this critique is preciously to try to eliminate any possible partiality.


Through the years that I have known Ronadró, I have witnessed the evolution of him as a person and the evolution of his work … resulting in artistic maturity and which at this point, he has reached the virtuosities and mastered the technique of sculpture.


If I have to make an analysis of the work of any artist, I must first ascertain if the artist has a proper and personal technique to express his concept in his works of art. In the case of Ronadró, it is obvious that this technique and artistic knowledge are his major qualities and these qualities are not usually found in the world of actual art. The majority of artists put away the knowledge of the material and technique and pretend to make their work full of concept but fail to achieve their purpose of understanding by those viewing their work of sculpture. However, Ronadró does not have this problem. His works speak for themselves with intelligent language full of content. What is more important, it speaks with a language that all can understand.


He presents works of technical achievement in aesthetically pleasant ways. His bronzes have the quality of the masterpieces because of his critical attention to detail and nothing is achieved by chance. Everything is a result of a very well meditated idea and impeccable execution of the concept. When someone works with these factors … mediocrity is never a factor.


Behind the execution which is almost close to perfection, when we see Ronadró’s works, even if we are not involved in the medical/dental profession, one will feel his works full of feelings, pain, life and healing.


Ronadró is one of those rare artists that uses his artistic knowledge to explore and express the world of medicine which impacts all those involved in the field, including those that are not actually involved in the professions.


His technical precision and artistic knowledge are the points in which he basis the truth of his work. His works are not invented concepts. They represent the reality of medicine looking through the eye and creative mind of Ronadró.


I said at the beginning, it is not easy to make an analysis of the work of a colleague and try to be objective. However, it is obvious when one is viewing the works of Ronadró, they can not be indifferent. One immediately becomes encompassed and involved with beauty and after all, this is the great thing of art … it moves us … makes us feel emotional … awakens us … it impassions us.


For all these reasons, Ronadró deserves the title of an artist because he has mastered the goal of art!


His art reflects what cannot be said in any other way and the rest of us, when viewing his works of art, understand it … this is what makes a great artist!


Cambados, Spain