I received my second spectacular sculpture today entitled “The Art of Aesthetic Surgery”, number 1 out of 50. I am just delighted with it, as with the other “Surgical Aesthetic Art”. In the practice of plastic and reconstructive surgery, we attempt to convey to our prospective patients the concept that we are aesthetically attuned and concerned with the artistic qualities of medicine. Of course, we can do that in words and deeds, but having such beautiful three dimensional art in the reception area carries this message of aesthetic appreciation, excellence and dedication to the highest quality in a way that transcends words.

I love these works. They are a joy when I see them everyday. My patients love these works and comment on them frequently. I would gladly trade all of the brochures, magazines, books, television, etc. in my reception area for one of your sculptures.

George Bernard Shaw said that if you wish to educate, first entertain. I believe that your unique original pieces are entertaining and educational.

With warm regards and deepest respect, I remain

Sincerely yours,

Robert E

Ronadró at work

This year ended perfectly for me thanks to you and to my wife Pam – and Ronadró, most especially. My HEALING HANDS TOTAL SPINE sculpture sits proudly and colossally in my study and has been seen by many visitors – once they pop their eyes back into their sockets. The artist’s legacy will live on beautifully in my surgical world. The other amazing feeling/reaction toward even having this creation is that it has reignited my passion for the work I do in surgery. I want to be more perfect, more precise, more artist – like my exemplar. I share your immense loss in his person. I pray that you will bask in his art and life oeuvre and experience the joy and serenity and true peace that his love and craft and passion shined on this world.

Blessings and all the best


I appreciate all of your thoughtfulness and courtesy in your business dealings. I am sure you and Ronadró thought and dealt with customers in the same manner. That is a tribute to both of you.
I am sure you miss him terribly. However, you always have him at your side just when you think about him. That is a wonderful gift. I applaud you and I am sure he does also from above for carrying on and maintaining his legacy through his beautiful works of art.

Miami, FL

A. R.

Thank you so much for the surprise. Chris was very happy with his sculpture as was I. You do a wonderful job continuing your husband’s work and legacy.

Oklahoma City, OK

D. C.

I received the sculpture “In His Hands” two days ago. I’m honored to have such a great piece. I get goose bumps every time I stare at it.

Puerto Rico

R. M.

Dear Diane
Thank you and Ronadró for a magnificent work of art. We received the “Flame of Sight” today. Phyllis and I are very happy with this special creation.
Clearly, when God winks we all benefit from His blessings. Our very best wishes to you both. With Gods blessings.

New Hartford, New York

Phyliss & Anthony P.

I want you to know how much I enjoy the sculpture. It really is an inspiration to me.
Thank you so much,

Salt Lake City, UT

Bert U.

Hi Ronadró,
I am sorry it has taken me so long for me to get back to you. I have been waiting to get the sculpture mounted correctly, as only then do I feel I would be able to appreciate its true worth. This is presently being done. (I will send you a photo when it is done). I would like to let you know that I am very happy with the result of your hard work.
Thank you and Diane for your help in achieving this. Looking forward to meeting up with you again, perhaps in Chicago.


Paul C.

Dear Diane
I returned from D.C. to find the most beautiful angel with child. I am so proud to have this. It brought tears to my eyes. It will be proudly displayed and admired for many, many years. I am so glad that we met you and Ronadró.
I printed the picture of “Miracle of Sight II” and have been showing it to everyone. What a God’s gift your husband has!!! Will see you in San Francisco.


Debbie G.

My retiring physician Dr. … could not have been more touched if I’d given him “the Tai Mahal” to live in. Thank you so much for the skill, care, extra effort, etc. that made his last day memorable.

Twana S.

My husband really loved his sculpture “Power of Life”. It brought tears to his eyes. Thank you again.

Jennifer D.

The sculpture you made for Dr. W was a giant hit. He was very pleased, as his wife, children and all of the other guests. It is really a fantastic work of art and was absolutely perfect for the occasion. The detail was magnificent. Thanks again for sharing your talent with us, I enjoyed working with you and hope that we have more opportunities in the future to collaborate.

Chief Operating Officer Cardiovascular Institute of the South

J. F.

It is always nice receiving your newsletter showing all those who have purchased a sculpture. I collect dental sculptures and have almost 200 of them displayed in our office. The ones that get most of the attention are those from the Ronadró collection. Keep up the good work and I look forward to coming by your booth in Chicago.

Mount Sinai Hospital
Toronto, Canada

Dr. L. B.

Dear Diane,
In our 15th year of service, all of us at The Children’s Dental Center of Greater Los Angeles want to thank you for your dedication to the provision of vital oral health, services for tens of thousands of children and family members in Greater Los Angeles. Without you – our programs and services would not exist for the children and families that rely on them most. Thank you so much for your continued support. If you have not seen The Center recently, please come for a tour – we are changing every day.

Children Center of Greater Los Angeles

I. D.

Thanks a million for your excellent service. I will surely see you in San Francisco, I just love sculptures you are doing . . . each piece is a great and inspiring work of art.”
God Bless You,


K. Attara

Thanks so much for sending me “Venus”, my first sculpture. She is in perfect condition and I am very happy to give her a special place in my office. I”m looking forward to seeing you both at other places in this small world. Remember, once you come to Switzerland, calI me.
All the best and happiness.

Medic Service
Tagelswongen, Switzerland

Lou Albin

Hi Diane,
Thank you! I already have the sculpture “In His Hands” in my house. It arrived yesterday. It will preside on a table in my living room. It is a blessing to my new house. Yesterday, we realized this blessing and we had a priest come to bless the house and sculpture. We give thanks to God and we pray for the health and the hands of Ronadro and you as well. Everyone loved the beautiful and exquisite sculpture. Thank you. We will see each other at the San Francisco.


Dr. Marcello

Last year I purchased “Professional Hand” as a gift for my son who graduated from dental school. He is now practicing with me and could not have been more delighted in receiving the sculpture. It was so nice dealing with you folks, you did exactly what you said you would do. You are true professionals. Give my best to Ronadró, we look forward each year to seeing his latest creations. The increase of commodities, especially copper and oil have had a very serious impact on all sculptors throughout the world that specialize in fine art bronze castings.


David S.

I just wanted to let you know that I have received my sculpture. It is fabulous and it looks beautiful in the foyer of my home.


Richard L.

I received the sculpture today and it is so nice. My husband loved it. So glad I got the last Artist Proof.
Thank you again.

Coral Gables, FL

Mindy W.

The great thing about the art from Ronadro that I have in my office, it communicates to the patients who l am and what I do before I ever see them. It’s “the best!”

San Jose, CA

Keith C.